Singer Anastacia has blasted female celebrities who undergo breast enhancement surgery and spend their lives trying to achieve a "Paris Hilton thin" body.

The I'M OUTTA LOVE beauty - who successfully beat breast cancer last year (03) - has learnt to accept and love the body she was born with.

But she's astounded by the number of stars who employ a variety of methods to better their look, when they're already beautiful enough.

She says, "I've always appreciated life and been really grateful. I feel like I'm just coming into womanhood - strange as that may sound right after breast cancer.

"I can do a photo shoot and still feel sexy and wonderful, and I don't have to have implants the size of kingdom come, or be Paris Hilton thin to fit in.

"I'm living proof that you can go through breast cancer and still find yourself attractive for who you are. I'm not the prettiest girl in the world. I don't have the best body. But I'm comfortable with what I've got."

06/09/2004 09:02