Pop babe Anastacia has tried Botox but was scared off the procedure by its bizarre after-effects.

The LEFT OUTSIDE ALONE hitmaker has joined fellow celebrities SHARON OSBOURNE, Joan Rivers, Cher and Lulu by admitting she has used the face-paralysing injection - a rarity in Hollywood where a majority of stars deny using Botox, despite experts' claims to the contrary.

Anastacia admits, "I did it because I wanted to see what is was like. But it was totally senseless.

"First of all, I don't even have lines in my forehead, where they put it. It would make sense if I had craters and crevasses, but it just made me look dead.

"I like a tiny bit more expression in my face, you know? But I will do it again in years to come, when I need it."

03/09/2004 17:35