British singer Amy Winehouse's mother is recovering after a fall at the singer's new London home.
Janis Winehouse, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was visiting the Back to Black hitmaker's house in Hadley Wood, north London last week (beg09Mar09) when she took a tumble.
And the singer was left devastated by her mother's fall - because she feels responsible for adding to her worries.
A source tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "The incident was a real shock for Amy. She is really protective of her mum and wants to show her she has beaten her demons. She's worried she has added to her problems.
"Janis had just got out of the car at the new pad and felt a little light on her feet. She looked okay but, as she made her way to the front door, she toppled backwards and collapsed on the concrete driveway.
"It looked like a heavy fall but, thankfully, Amy's bodyguards and personal assistant were on hand to help her to her feet. It was clear that Janis' illness has taken its toll on her. But it seems she is now on the mend. The family are very close so Amy was really shocked."