Amy Winehouse's terrified mother JANIS constantly worries she will hear about her troubled daughter's death on the news.
Janis Winehouse has spoken out about her fears for the star's life after she was rushed to hospital following a severe reaction to medication at her London home on Monday (28Jul08).
The star allegedly suffered a series of horrific fits after mixing up her dosage of medication, which she is currently using to battle her addictions to hard drugs.
Winehouse was later released from London's University College Hospital on Tuesday (29Jul08), with her dad Mitch telling reporters she was "right as rain" after a series of medical tests.
But the star's mum believes she will find out about her daughter's death from reports on TV news channels, and admits she has even considered discussing funeral plans with the star herself.
She tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "I reached the stage with Amy where I planned to ask her where she'd be buried. I was serious.
"The problem is that Amy is so high-profile. If I want an update on what state she's in at any given moment, I just have to turn on the television. Amy's problem is always in my face.
"There are a lot of people rooting for her. But I know I could turn on the TV and learn the worst."
However, Janis insists she is standing by her daughter, despite the heartache she feels over her dangerous lifestyle.
She adds, "Something like this eats into the family and I can see how it could tear people apart. No matter what hurt they've caused they're still your babies. She'll always be my little girl sitting at the window singing."