English singer Amy Winehouse was so drunk when ageing rocker SIR Mick Jagger came to wish her luck before a London club performance, she can't remember the meeting. The jazz star's drinking habits has been a subject in the British press recently and this week (ends20OCT06) Winehouse admitted to being a "nasty drunk", even going so far as punching a female fan in the face at a recent show. And while she may not have been violent to the CAN'T GET NO SATISFACTION singer when he went backstage to say hello, she did suffer from drunken memory blackouts. The STRONGER THAN ME star says, "He (Mick Jagger) might have done but I was too drunk by then to remember. "I do know my dad had told him to 'Shut the f**k up, that's my daughter' when I was onstage, though."