Amy Winehouse's performance at the Grammy Awards last February (08) has been nominated as the U.K.'s most important creative business moment of 2008.
Universal Music Group, the Rehab hitmaker's record label, has nominated the troubled star's set at the ceremony as part of Britain's Creativity + Business International Network's 2008 review.
Winehouse performed her hits You Know I'm No Good and Rehab via satellite from London after she was initially denied a visa to attend the U.S. event, due to her 2007 arrest for possession of cannabis in Norway.
She went on to win five awards at the prizegiving.
And Universal boss Lucian Grange believes the singer's talents are worthy of the honour - which was set up to focus on the U.K.'s creative economy, produced through the art and entertainment industries.
Grainge says, "I've nominated her because she's an example of what I feel is great British talent, both as a songwriter as well as a performer.
"Unique artists so often pay a steep personal price for their gift. Creativity burns bright and dark; there are shadows, there is conflict. When she's at her best, Amy Winehouse conquers the demons."