What was meant as a tribute to Amy Winehouse has rather backfired on the designer Jean-Paul Gaultier after the bereaved star's father Mitch Winehouse wrote a strongly worded statement attacking the world famous clothes visionary's latest line, meant as an homage to the singer who died last year in her London home.
MTV reports that Gaultier has been presenting his Winehouse-inspired collection at Paris Fashion Week, which featured his 60s style garments being modelled by a range of beehive hair-styled models, leading the stylist to say "Amy Winehouse was a true style icon. What she stands for above all, is uniqueness. Both in music and the way she dressed, she mixed a great many influences to create her style."
However Galtier - perhaps most famous for Madonna's cone bust brassier - has come under fire from Winehouse senior who said, "The family was upset to see those pictures, they were a total shock. We're still grieving for her loss, and we've had a difficult week with the six-month anniversary of Amy's death," continuing he said, "To see her image lifted wholesale to sell clothes was a wrench we were not expecting or consulted on. We're proud of her influence on fashion but find black veils on models, smoking cigarettes with a barbershop quartet singing her music in bad taste," before finishing with "It portrays a view of Amy when she was not at her best, and glamorizes some of the more upsetting times in her life. That's upsetting for her family." Oh dear.