Troubled star Amy Winehouse denies threatening to sack her band after a controversial concert in Portugal.
The Back To Black star made her live return last weekend (01Jun08) at the Rock in Rio event in Lisbon - but upset fans after arriving on the stage over an hour late.
The 24-year-old further infuriated her followers by admitting she "should have cancelled" her set at the gig - because she was suffering from flu-like symptoms.
And it was reported Winehouse fired her band after allegedly blaming them for her shaky performance.
But she refutes the claims.
She says, "I was really upset that anyone would suggest that I would act that way to my band.
"My band are my family and I did not 'scream' at my horn players and would never be 'sick of the sight of them'.
"We have been through a lot together and I would never lose my temper that way with them.
"I suffered a sore throat all week and was given the option to cancel. But I was determined to show fans I was back and working."