Brits nominee Amy Winehouse has admitted she "doesn't know when to stop" drinking when she's bored, but is most happy when she is doing the cooking for her boyfriend at home.

Speaking to the Sun, the mouthy Londoner, who is up for two Brit Awards tomorrow night, admitted she knows she has a bad reputation for her drinking but there is another side people do not normally see.

The 23-year-old explained: "I like to get up early, cook my fella breakfast, then go to the gym.

"That's my routine and I like to stick to it. The only time I can't is when I'm on tour."

The Janice-from-Friends-lookalike also revealed she is much better off now than when she was sitting at home smoking marijuana every day, after failed relationships two years ago.

But after selling over 700,000 copies of her second album BACK TO BLACK, Winehouse now claims she is in love with her boyfriend, fit and healthy.

The songstress is tipped to scoop the Best Female and is a contender for Best Album at the Brits tomorrow, where she will also be performing hit single REHAB.

However, Winehouse has dismissed rumours that shambolic mate Pete Doherty, who is banned from the Brits by fiancé Kate Moss, will be dueting with her on stage.

She added: "Maybe Pete has got his own thing planned where he will jump up on stage of his own accord and join me. But nothing is planned."

13/02/2007 10:25:49