A leading celebrity skin expert has urged Amy Winehouse to seek a second opinion for her swollen cheek, fearing she has something far worse than impetigo. A spokeswoman for the Rehab singer on Monday (03Mar08) revealed the British star's swelling is the result of the highly contagious skin disease, and the 24-year-old is on antibiotics. But top U.S. skin doctor Vail Reese, who hasn't treated Winehouse, suggests the singer is actually suffering from Staph Aureus. Dr. Reese insists this is more of a problem - and antibiotics won't help. He tells WENN, "While it is certainly possible that Winehouse is fending off a routine case of skin strep (impetigo), certain aspects are not typical. "Usually strep impetigo is seen in children, who are still developing a mature immune system. The affected area may be red and tender but not usually swollen. "The appearance of Winehouse's markedly bloated cheek raises the possibility of an infection with Strep's sinister cousin, Staph Aureus. This pesky pest tends to cause more swelling and blistering than strep, and commonly affects adults. "Certain strains have developed a resistance to certain antibiotics and can be particularly hard to clear... and surgical drainage of the swollen area may be necessary. I'm definitely seeing a rise in Staph Aureus at my clinic."