Troubled singer Amy Winehouse will not be facing police charges over an incident at the U.K.'s Glastonbury festival - in which she lashed out at a fan.
The 24-year-old was singing her hit track Rehab to 75,000 fans on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday (28Jun08) when she jumped down into the security pit.
The star - who has been receiving medical attention for the lung disease emphysema - then appeared to turn on a member of the audience, striking the unnamed fan with her fist.
But a spokesman for Winehouse claims she was provoked, adding, "The 'lashing out' was when someone tried to grab her hair and she reacted."
Festival organiser Michael Eavis has also come to Winehouse's defence, insisting she only lost her temper because someone tried to manhandle her.
And now a police spokesman has announced that the Back To Black hitmaker will not be prosecuted over the incident - as the person involved has not made an official complaint.
Inspector John Fuller, of Somerset and Avon police, says, "No complaint has yet been made but when one is we will investigate the matter fully."