Mitch Winehouse, father of the late Amy Winehouse, has called on the fans of the deceased singer to 'pray' for her former husband Blake Civil-fielder, who is thought to be seriously ill.
Following on from a drink and drugs binge; it is believed that Blake is currently in a Dewsbury hospital suffering from multiple organ failure. However, a spokesperson for the West Yorkshire hospital has said that they can neither confirm nor deny whether Blake is currently in the hospital. Mitch has since shown his support for Blake, who married his daughter in 2007, tweeting: "Terrible news about Blake. Remember Amy loved him. Let's pray for his recovery."
Amy met Blake, a one-time music video assistant, shortly before their 2007 marriage, but divorced two years later. The two habitual drug takers had an on and off relationship after the divorce, but eventually drew further apart as her death drew closer. Since then, Fielder-Civil has had a 15-month-old son with his girlfriend Sarah Aspin. Blake's hospital visit comes at the same time whilst he is facing his latest troubles with the law. He was jailed in June last year after being found with 4k worth of stolen goods and an imitation gun. He was tagged and freed two weeks ago in preparation for full release later this month.