Amy Winehouse's father is upset over the second inquest into her death.

Mitch Winehouse doesn't want his family to have to go through the pain of hearing the details of his daughter's death again, after the original inquest was ruled invalid, as the coroner who performed it was unqualified for the role.

The 'Back to Black' singer's passing in July 2011, at the age of just 27, was officially recorded as ''misadventure'', through accidental alcohol poisoning.

Mitch, 61, said: ''I'm not putting my family through it again. Right now I'd say I won't go. And the result will be just the same.

''There have been so many cock-ups. Firstly the coroner's report was sent to the wrong house up the road from [Amy's mother] Janis - and the bloke who received it tried to sell it.

''Then this cock-up with the chief coroner putting his wife in charge, even though she wasn't qualified.''

The second inquest into Amy's death will be heard on January 8 at St. Pancras Coroner's Court in London.

Assistant deputy coroner Suzanne Greenway stepped down a month after the original inquest, and her superior, Dr. Andrew Reid - who is also her husband - has also since resigned.

Dr. Reid has previously written to a number of families offering them a second inquest, and reassuring them he was ''confident'' the inquiries had been handled correctly in the first place.