Amy Winehouse's father has slammed British rehab clinics.

Mitch Winehouse, whose 26-year-old daughter has battled alcohol and drug addictions, hit out at the service given to addicts in the UK, claiming most people only get help if they have enough money.

He insists the current treatment plans mean many substance abusers commit crimes in the hope of being sent to clinics by sympathetic judges.

He said: "People are definitely committing offences so they can have a chance, and it's only a chance, of receiving treatment.

"The problem we found in our research in London is that it's a year before any treatment can be given.

"It's very difficult and the reason for this is the majority of funding is taken up by the criminal justice system."

Mitch - who was speaking in front of the British Home Affairs Select Committee, which is looking at the cocaine trade, yesterday (20.10.09) - added more money should be spent on rehabilitation programs for addicts who have not offended.

He also hit out at the 27-month sentence Amy's ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil received for grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice last year.

Blake was freed from prison early and sent to a residential rehab.

Mitch said: "Criminals are offered residential treatment as an alternative to a spell in prison.

"But law-abiding people are losing out and finding it impossible to find help. There is very little help available to families, especially if their relative is a non-offending addict."

Mitch, who has made a documentary about drug abuse, also suggested heroin addicts should be prescribed the drug to stop them committing crimes.