Amy Winehouse's jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil warned the troubled star she'd be dead within three months if she didn't check herself into rehab. Fielder-Civil, who is currently behind bars in London's Pentonville Prison, is relieved the Back To Black singer entered a treatment clinic last week (ends25Jan08) because he dreaded hearing about her death while he was serving time on remand. Speaking through his mother Georgette to British newspaper News Of The World, Fielder-Civil says: "(I told her), 'Quit smoking crack or you'll be dead in three months.' I'm so relieved she has finally taken my advice after I begged her to go into rehab. "I even threatened her with divorce because I thought it would be the only thing to make her see sense. "My parents have both pleaded with me to divorce Amy and I told her so before she finally agreed to go in for treatment... But I'd prefer to have a short life with Amy than a long life without her. "I want Amy to grab this opportunity in rehab so we can have a marriage and future together. Because the way she's going I really fear I will come out of prison to no wife. "I dread my cell door being opened and the chaplain informing me, 'Amy's dead.' I have that nightmare three or four times a week." Fielder-Civil, 25, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and will stand trial in June (08). The 25-year-old is accused of attempting to fix the outcome of a previous trial for grievous bodily harm.