The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding has expressed his shock at seeing his local pub alight during the recent Camden fires.

The Hawley Arms, a favourite with Amy Winehouse, Razorlight and Mark Ronson, was struck by flames during the huge fire that swept through Camden Market on Saturday.

In an interview with NME, Fielding said: "I couldn't believe it. To see Camden going up in flames was unbelievable and totally surreal, and watching The Hawley Arms on fire was horrible.

"I was really panicking, so many of my friends work and hang out there, and it's such a good pub, they have really looked after me this year. I'm just glad everyone got out safely," he said.

On Saturday night a fire swept through Camden causing considerable damage to the market and surrounding buildings, with around 100 firefighters tackling the blaze.

The Hawley Arms was damaged by the fire and is now being assessed structurally to ascertain its future.

Fielding however believes the establishment will bounce back and admitted to meeting the landlord later on Saturday night.

"I met Doug [Charles-Riddler] and everyone in the [nearby pub] Lock Tavern later that night and everyone was pretty shocked, but it's like a big family so The Hawley will bounce back stronger than ever I'm sure," he said.

Police have reported that up to 300 stallholders and employees are affected by the fire.

11/02/2008 16:39:49