Bouffant-haired funnyman RUSSELL BRAND has, unsurprisingly, helped lead a parade of the country's top party animals on a night on the tiles  after leaving a star-studded charity gig.

Brand joined the usual suspects of Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger's son James, Kate Moss, Bob Geldof's daughter Pixie, Sadie Frost and many others on a drinking session last night, after performing at the Teenage Cancer Trust gig in the Royal Albert Hall.

The parade of tabloid page-fillers trooped to the new Maddox Club in Mayfair to carry on drinking after the big event, claims the Daily Mail.

And P Diddy and chums including Sienna Miller and Black Eyed Peas singer FERGIE managed to quaff their way through £35,000 of booze in another London bar, as the world's celebrities seemed to be on a rival drinkathon in the capital.

Meanwhile, Oasis star Noel Gallagher, who was not shirking the drinking responsibilities himself, has given his usual opinion on the world after the gig. He claimed he may stand for prime minister and could get the country sorted out in "a year and a half".

29/03/2007 12:23:39