Amy Winehouse's goddaughter has spoken out in defence of the troubled singer, insisting the media is to blame for her bad reputation.
Winehouse cancelled her entire European tour following a shambolic set in Serbia last month (Jun11), during which she appeared to be intoxicated onstage.
However, aspiring singer Dionne Bromfield, 15, has now taken aim against reporters and the paparazzi for constantly trying to portray the Rehab hitmaker in a poor light, revealing most people don't know the real Amy.
Bromfield tells Company magazine, "I wouldn't even say five per cent of the stuff written about her is true. Even if she does do something good on stage, (the media) still make her sound awful.
"All it takes is for her to blink while the press are flashing cameras, and it looks like she's drunk... That's not the Amy I know - the real Amy."