Amy Winehouse's drummer Troy Miller ''misses'' her dearly and still thinks about her all the time.

The 'Tears Dry On Their Own' hitmaker died six years ago next Sunday (23.07.17) and the musician has paid tribute to the iconic British singer and revealed he and her band still try and do things together to keep her memory alive.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Troy - who is a music producer who has worked with the likes of Adele and Laura Mvula - said: ''I still keep in touch with everyone in her band and we do try and do things to remember. I think about her a lot, not just on the anniversary, I genuinely miss her, as a person as well as a musician.''

Troy says despite leading a traumatic life self-medicating with a heroin addiction, Amy was always ''loyal'' to her bandmates and was an exceptional performer.

He said: ''She became a good friend in the end; she was so loyal to us as a band. Um ... despite what she was going through and her demons but there was some amazing moments where she would sound world class and some of the time the media wouldn't recognise that but it, erm, she'll be missed for sure.''

Tory has been married for 17 years but over the years he was often rumoured to be more than friends with Amy, but none of that put any pressure on their relationship.

He said: ''If you'd seen any other people hugging in the street you wouldn't think anything of it. You might think they're friends. You know, anything can be blown up or taken out of context.

''In a lot of ways I wasn't ashamed that she was my friend. She warmed to other people who were themselves, that sometimes meant that she hung out with some weird people. But we're all a little bit weird, but I think she liked people who weren't pretentious that were just being themselves.''