Amy Winehouse's charity has set up a home for recovering female drug and alcohol addicts.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has joined forces with Centra Care and Support to open the east London abode, called Amy's Place in honour the late star - who died of alcohol poisoning aged 27 in 2011 - to try to help women improve their life and assist them in reintegrating into society.

Jane Winehouse, Amy's stepmother, of the charity, said: ''This project will make such a profound difference to so many young women, enabling them to have a safe environment in which to re-build their lives and put into practice all the learning they have acquired through their treatment journey.

''Fresh starts are difficult to make; full of challenges, but at Amy's Place we will give young women the tools and support to help them make this a reality.

''There is a huge lack of support to meet the needs of women in this area and we hope Amy's Place will show just how much more effective we can be.''

Amy's Place will open in east London on August 22 and aim to bridge the gap between women leaving addiction treatment and finding accommodation independently.

Up to 16 women aged from 18 to 30 will be provided temporary homes in one of the charity's 12 self-contained apartments.

All of the females will have completed a programme of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse and will be provided with mentoring and workshops by the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Centra Care and Support to help them in the outside world.