Amy Winehouse has been invited to sing at a party thrown by Hollywood royalty George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The BACK TO BLACK songstress will reportedly be paid £500,000 to serenade the A-list stars present at an event hosted by Giorgio Armani.

The May event is set to take place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume.

A source told the Mirror that Amy was shocked by the request, adding "she hasn't really taken it in - and keeps saying that her life is getting more surreal by the second".

They added that Armani is hoping the party will provide the perfect opportunity to chat to the soul singer about working on future projects together.

Recently, Amy picked up £500,000 for showing off her vocal talents at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, Liverpudlian pals Cilla Black and PAUL O'GRADY have joined the host of celebrities coming out as Winehouse fans.

"She's an incredible talent we all know that, she kind of reminds me of myself and the way I started out," Cilla told Showbiz Spy.

However, the TV presenter added that Amy needs to sort of her personal problems if she is going to sty at the top.

18/03/2008 12:42:16