Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been named as the celebrity most Britons would hate to live next door to.

The Back to Black star's well-publicised battles with drink and drug addictions, added to her regularly being followed around by hordes of paparazzi, meant she was voted the least desirable celebrity neighbour in a poll carried out by the Principality Building Society.

Winehouse's fellow musician and friend Pete Doherty was named second in the survey of 2,500 people while supermodel Naomi Campbell and Sir Paul McCartney's temperamental ex-wife Heather Mills were also among celebrity neighbours from hell.

And despite his storming speech at the Labour party conference, prime minister Gordon Brown also made the top ten.

In contrast, Bolton comedian Peter Kay topped the poll of best celebrity neighbours while actress and mother-of-six Angelina Jolie finished second.

Television presenters Fern Britton and Davina Mccall were placed in third and fourth respectively while Jolie's husband Brad Pitt completed the top five.

The top ten best celebrity neighbours were:

1 Peter Kay
2 Angelina Jolie
3 Fern Britton
4 Davina McCall
5 Brad Pitt
6 Jennifer Aniston
7 Gordon Ramsay
8 Kylie Minogue
9 Philip Schofield
10 David Beckham

The top ten worst celebrity neighbours were:

1 Amy Winehouse
2 Pete Doherty
3 Naomi Campbell
4 Heather Mills
5 Kerry Katona
6 Ozzy Osbourne
7 David Gest
8 Paris Hilton
9 Gordon Brown
10 Paul Burrell

25/09/2008 00:01:01