Tragic singer Amy Winehouse and late Hollywood legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor are to have their life stories preserved for posterity as part of a national biography record in the U.K.

The two stars will be among 223 notable figures, who all died before the end of 2011, who will be added to the Oxford DICtionary of National Biography.

Baker Street hitmaker Gerry Rafferty is also on the list, along with the now notorious Sir Jimmy Savile, the disgraced British Dj who was unmasked as a serial child abuser following his death in 2011.

Officials behind the list have been forced to defend their inclusion of Savile alongside stars considered to be national treasures.

Editor David Cannadine says, "The Oxford DICtionary of National Biography is not a collection of the 'great and good' but a record of people who left their mark on national life, for good or ill. The Dnb has always included criminals, particularly those whose crimes led to sustained debate on matters of public protection, as in the case of Jimmy Savile."