Amy Winehouse has once again revealed the extent of her drug problem and issues with her junkie husband after being photographed covered in blood and bruises.

The singer, who has a number one album in BACK TO BLACK, has been steadily on the decline over recent weeks, checking into rehab with her husband due to crack and heroin addiction.

But she was seen this week emerging from the posh Sanderson Hotel with BLAKE FIELD-CIVIL covered in blood and bruises following what was said to be a huge bust up with her husband.

According to the Sun, Amy's ballet shoes were covered in blood from her habit of injecting heroin between her toes, while she also had bruises down her neck and face. Blake had highly visible scratches and cuts across his face and neck.

An onlooker told the paper: "Her clothes were bloody and she was covered in scratches and bandages."

Another continued: "Amy looked totally out of it. She was covered in blood and her make-up was badly smeared. Her eyes were glazed. It was as though she couldn't see anyone."

24/08/2007 10:57:04