Amy Winehouse has revealed plans to visit Jamaica before beginning work on her third album.

The troubled singer will apparently stay in Bob Marley's house and work in his studio, reports the Daily Mirror.

There have also been suggestions that she will collaborate with the reggae legend's son Damian.

The singer reportedly said: "I love Jamaica and wanna feel Bob Marley's spirit in my music", while standing outside her local pub.

An onlooker told the newspaper: "Amy's face just lit up when she talked about going over there."

Meanwhile, the singer, who is as famous for her off-stage exploits as her award-winning music, has been plagued by rumours that her husband is planning to divorce her.

Her father has revealed that BLAKE FIELDER CIVIL, who is currently in jail, is sick of rowing with his famous spouse and has threatened to end their marriage.

"Blake threatened to issue divorce proceedings when they were having a row," Mitch Winehouse told Grazia magazine.

"Unfortunately, Blake is influenced by things his mother has said. I think Georgette wants them to divorce, but it's up to them."

"From Amy's point of view, she would stick by him not matter what. But he has said things like, 'I want a divorce'," he continued.

18/01/2008 11:52:27