Alex James has said Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty need help to get over their drug problems.

The bassist, who recently announced he was reforming with his old band Blur, told the Mirror that he would be "surprised" if the two stars, both with highly-publicised drug problems, lived beyond 2010.

He said it was good there was now an "infrastructure for getting better", adding the duo need the help of people around them to get over their problems.

Mr James told the publication: " I'd be surprised if Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse both live to see the decade out. You know, it's not funny.

"I've been in situations where my best friends have been killing themselves (with drugs) and they won't listen."

Tickets for the only original scheduled Blur reunion show in London's Hyde Park sold out in two minutes, forcing the four-piece to plan a second show due to high demand.

31/12/2008 11:31:27