Rising star Amy Studt was so depressed as a youngster, she lied about having brain cancer.

The ALL I WANNA DO singer, 17, felt so isolated during her high school years she told the lie in order to get attention from her peers.

But after her deceit was exposed, Amy decided never to lie again.

She says, "One lie was so bad that I haven't lied since. I was quite depressed at the time and going through a lot of sh*t at school. I was seeing a doctor and having brain scans.

"I didn't really have any friends and someone had suggested my head thing could have been brain cancer. So I kind of used that, and told people that I had it.

"The next thing I know, it went round the whole school and even the teachers found out about it. And then they realised it was a lie and I was so embarrassed. Then, two or three weeks later, my German teacher died of a brain tumour. I was mortified.

"I had never been so disgusted with myself in my own life. It was too much so I stopped right there."

29/01/2004 17:02