Actress Amy Smart often wonders what would have been in her love life, after she turned down the opportunity to date Brad Pitt.

The 27-year-old beauty, who stars alongside Ashton Kutcher in new movie The Butterfly Effect, was thrilled when she met Pitt at an Oscars party in 1998 through their mutual manager.

She recalls, "He was so nice and I was so nervous that I kept ordering double cosmos! He made me really nervous, so I'm pounding 'em back just to deal with it.

"About a month later, I'm shooting Varsity Blues and I get this call from my manager and she says, 'Brad called and he wanted to know if you wanted to go to this charity event with him tomorrow night.' I was shooting this movie and I couldn't go but I couldn't believe he asked me out!

"Then a month later he was dating Jennifer Aniston."

Although Smart has thought about what could have been, she's now happy with her fiance BRANDON WILLIAMS.

29/01/2004 00:11