Amy Schumer was ''dying'' to expose her ''right nipple'' in 'Snatched'.

The stand-up comedian plays the central role in the new comedy movie and Amy has admitted she had no qualms about having to flash a bit of flesh in the film.

Reflecting on one particularly revealing scene, Amy told Heat magazine: ''I wrote it in. I'm dying for the world to see my right nipple.

''And, you know, it happens - these babies move around, sometimes they try to escape.''

Amy's confession comes shortly after the Hollywood star praised her parents for helping her to become so confident.

The blonde beauty admitted she has her mother Sandra and father Gordon to thank for always telling her how ''funny, smart, special and beautiful'' she is when she was younger.

Amy explained that the love and support of her parents helped to boost her own self-belief - even though their compliments may have been exaggerated.

Explaining where he confidence stems from, Amy said: ''I think it's the way your mum looks at you. That gaze, where you see yourself reflected in her eyes, and there's just so much love. My mum just made me feel so funny and smart and special and beautiful, and it wasn't until years later that I found out she was lying.

''I'm joking, but it's kind of true. Her and my father were just like, 'you are amazing', and I was like, 'I am amazing', and by the time I realised that they were exaggerating, it was too late. My nervous system was already set up.''