Amy Schumer would like to have kids.

The 35-year-old actress is currently in a relationship with furniture designer Ben Hanisch, and has said that whilst her ''uterus remains empty'' for now she would be open to the idea of having children in the future as she's ''sick'' of thinking about herself.

She said: ''I've worked very hard to not be a mum. But I'm 35, I'm sick of thinking of myself, you know? It's just like 'Enough Amy, who cares?' But I have such an admiration for mothers.''

When asked if she would like to be a mother, she told 'The Moms' host Melissa Gerstein: ''Yeah, yeah.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty recently admitted she doesn't miss being single, although she does enjoy having ''a lot of alone time''.

Asked if she misses being single, she said: ''Not ever. Except I need a lot of alone time. Right now I'm getting my period, and I just don't like him, you know? My PMS is no joke ...

''And it's directed only towards him, but instead of being in denial about that, we try to work with it. Tonight's vibe is, 'I don't want you to even look at me or talk to me,' and he will put on his headphones, do work on his computer, and I'm just in the room. He's understanding. He's too good about it. It actually annoys me.''

And the 'Snatched' star previously said she finds fellow celebrities ''exhausting'' to be friends with, and vowed she would never date someone famous.

She said: ''Famous people are exhausting and too much work to be friends with, other than Jennifer [Lawrence] ...

''That sounds awful [dating someone famous]. I don't think I could be in a relationship like that in the public eye, but so many celebrities date each other so there must be something to it.''