The promotional spot for Inside Amy Schumer, which aired on Comedy Central's U.K. TV channel on 5 September (15), featured the funnywoman in character bringing her fictional husband and his pals a plate of chicken wings before asking him to engage in kinky sex acts.

However, her disgusting proposals towards her fictional partner, played by Scrubs star Zach Braff, fell foul of broadcasting regulations in the U.K., even though it was shown after the country's TV watershed, which ensures material unsuitable for children is not broadcast until after 9pm.

A promo for the cartoon South Park was also declared in breach of Rule 2.3 of the Office of Communications (Ofcom)'s broadcasting code, which requires that offensive material is justified by its context.

A spokesperson for the regulator says, "We found these trailers broke broadcasting rules because they contained offensive language and sexual references which were likely to have exceeded audience expectations.

"Even though broadcast after the watershed, the strength of the material and its broadcast between programmes such as Friends meant that the trailers did not meet generally accepted standards."

Comedy Central bosses were contacted for a comment on the ruling but had not responded as WENN went to press.