Amy Schumer thanked her husband for ''having sex'' with her at the premiere of her latest movie 'I Feel Pretty' on Tuesday (17.04.18).

The 36-year-old actress thanked the crew of the film before giving a funny toast to Chris Fischer - who she wed in a surprise ceremony in February - in front of a packed out audience at the Westwood Village Theatre in Westwood, California.

She said: ''I want to thank my husband Chris who is here. I love you. Thank you for having sex with me. And for loving me.''

And the blonde star also thanked Chis' sister, Molly Fischer - who is also her assistant and introduced her to the chef - for helping to keep her ''alive''.

She said: ''I'd like to thank my new sister-in-law Molly for helping me live my life and keep me alive and watching a million cuts of this movie.''

Amy then thanked her co-star Rory Scovel, who plays her boyfriend in the film.

She quipped: ''Rory, thank you for pretending to have sex with me in the movie. Spoiler!''

The comedy - which is about about a woman who suffers a blow to the head that leaves her believing she is the most beautiful person in the world - examines self-image and confidence and Amy is hopeful it will send a positive message to audiences.

She told USA Today: ''We want women to feel empowered, we don't want anything to hold them back.

''If you feel someone is going to insult you, call you ugly or fat, it holds you back. I don't want anything to keep women from their full potential.''

Meanwhile, the 'Trainwreck' star recently admitted she loves being married because it's made her feel like part of a team.

She said: ''The best part is just having a partner and being like 'I got a team.' It was just me and [my dog] Tatiana and now it's cool, you got someone to go through life with together that you love and you want to be partnered up with.''