Amy Schumer has shared a sweet video of her getting an ultrasound.

The 'Trainwreck' star is expecting her first child with her husband Chris Fischer - whom she married earlier this year - and gushed over how much ''energy'' her little one already has, joking that that was the reason why she felt so sick.

In the clip, posted to Instagram, she shared: ''It's moving all around! Oh my God, oh my God, see it has so much energy - that's why I'm puking every day.''

Amy previously confessed she has had a ''really tough pregnancy'' so far.

Speaking at her comedy show in Las Vegas last week, she shared: ''I don't like it. I've had a really tough pregnancy so far.''

However, that didn't stop the 37-year-old actress and comedienne for cracking jokes about expecting a new member of the family.

She quipped: ''You know who it's not fun to be pregnant at the same time as? Meghan Markle! She's walking around in heels and cradling her baby that's not even there, and I'm barely wearing underwear.''

Amy announced her pregnancy last month.

She wrote on social media: ''About to announce some exciting news on @jessicayellin insta page. Please follow her for up to the minute #newsnotnoise she breaks down what's really going on. She agreed to post a lil noise today for me! Follow her and VOTE!! (sic)''

The news was then officially announced on the Instagram story of her friend Jessica Yellin, who posted a long list of recommended congressional candidates for the upcoming midterm elections.

The top of the post read: ''I wanted to share some news from our community, maybe it's noise but it's happy noise. So I'm not in the business of making voting recommendations, but these are the recommendations of Amy Schumer, one of the most consistent and earliest supporters of News Not Noise. Now read all the way to the bottom, you'll see there's some news down there. Congratulations, Amy.''

At the bottom of the list, were the words: ''I'm pregnant - Amy Schumer.''