Amy Schumer has parted ways with her manager who used to date her husband.

The 36-year-old actress has decided to ended her professional relationship with Carrie Byalick, her long-time PR rep and manager, who dated her new husband Chris Fischer back in 2007.

Carrie has helped to turn Amy into one of the world's best-known comedic stars over the last few years, but their partnership fell apart in the wake of the 'Trainwreck' actress' sudden marriage to Chris.

An industry insider told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''Carrie's kind of a genius. She got Amy Vogue, she got her GQ - so many big things!''

Carrie also helped to introduce Amy to Chris and the loved-up couple tied the knot just a few months later.

The PR professional has denied that there was any bitterness in her split from the Hollywood star.

She told the publication: ''Our business relationship ended for many reasons, but has no connection to someone I briefly dated over a decade ago, years before I even met Amy.

''I couldn't be happier for her personally and professionally, and though our working relationship ended, we remain good friends.''

This comes shortly after Amy revealed Adele convinced her to get married to Chris.

The American actress shocked the world when she announced she'd tied the knot with chef Chris after just a few months of dating, and she recently revealed that the 'Someone like You' hitmaker - who she barely knew at the time - played a key role in her decision.

She said: ''I was staying LA in a house near Jennifer Lawrence, who lives right by Adele and they're really good friends and I'd never met her before, so we hung out a little bit that week.

''Then we were real drunk one night and talking about how we wanted to get married and Adele was like, 'Well, I can marry you,' and we were like, 'OK, cool.'''

However, Adele - who officiated the wedding of her good friend Alan Carr in January - subsequently performed a U-turn.

Amy explained: ''She got ordained to marry her good friend, so I think she was like, 'They'll be annoyed if I just start marrying random basic b***hes.' So, then we were like, 'Should we still get married on Tuesday?' and decided, 'Yeah, who cares, let's do it, so there's no drama. No planning.'''