Sources told local paper Primera Hora the Trainwreck star had convinced studio executives behind her next project, an untitled mother/daughter action comedy with Goldie Hawn, to move the scheduled shoot from the Caribbean island to another location after becoming concerned about the Zika outbreak.

The report prompted a backlash from followers on, but Amy was quick to clear up the controversy after asking disgruntled fans what they were talking about.

"I didn't refuse to shoot in Puerto Rico I would have gladly shot there. Who said that?" she inquired in a now-deleted tweet.

When one fan sent her a link to the article, she responded, "Ok well that is not true so I am going to find out there (sic) source and have them fix it. Thank you."

Amy even reached out directly to Primera Hora via the microblogging site, suggesting the production's relocation had nothing to do with her.

"Who is your source?" she asked. "That is completely untrue. I would have been glad to film there and I planned on it."

In another message to fans on Friday (13May16), she declared, "I've been there (Puerto Rico) and I love it. This report is complete nonsense".

The Zika virus has spread throughout South America and into North America since it originated in Brazil in 2014.

No vaccine exists for the virus, which can cause fevers, rashes, and joint and muscle pain, among other symptoms, and medical authorities have advised people to take preventative measures by avoiding areas where mosquitoes breed, as the disease is primarily transmitted through the insects.