Amy Poehler used to ''follow'' Will Ferrell around on the set of 'Saturday Night Live' in the hope he'd work with her.

The 45-year-old actress is delighted to reunite with her former 'SNL' co-star on new movie 'The House' because she has always loved working with him as he's so funny.

She said: ''I love performing with him, and when we were on 'SNL' I followed him around, hoping he would want to write something with me.''

Amy has been enjoying working more behind the camera recently, but she is still happy to return to acting when she finds a project she loves.

She said: ''I've been getting most of my joy from producing, directing, writing, but I like to act too, and have the flexibility to do all those things when I want.''

And the former 'Parks and Recreation' star is proud to nurture other women via her Paper Kite production company.

She told Glamour magazine: ''It's all women in the office and we try to cultivate female show-runners, diverse voices and female-driven stories.

''One is a very selfish reason, which is that those are stories I enjoy watching. There are a lot of stories that haven't been told from the female perspective and I think there's just a lot more unmined territory.

''So as a storyteller, I think that's exciting. But the bigger picture is that I just enjoy working with women, I always have done.

''I find, especially right now, in the US, there's a real pull for making sure that people are represented...

''Also, I know so many funny women and I just want to f**k around with them and make funny stories.''