Amy Poehler can't wait to meet Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe Awards.

The 'Parks and Recreation' actress will co-host the ceremony with her close friend Tina Fey on January 13 and Amy admitted she is most excited about the chance to meet Angelina as she is a huge fan.

Speaking in a teaser clip for the broadcast she said: ''The big thing is that television and film get to be together. So the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the horrible, disgusting people of television. And that's always nice to see.

''I'm hoping to meet Angelina Jolie. I've already had plenty of imaginary conversations [with Angelina but] I'm hoping to have a real one onstage or on camera live at some point.''

However, '30 Rock' actress Tina is not so keen, joking: ''I hate everyone. I don't want to meet anyone.''

Tina also quipped she has an unusual aspiration for the ceremony.

She added: ''I personally would like to win Best Picture. Just me, as a person, winning Best Picture, I think would be unprecedented. Especially because I didn't even really make a movie this year.''