Amy Poehler started dressing as a businesswoman when she was 13.

The 'Parks and Recreation' comedienne was keen to act mature from a young age, and started to dress for success when she was a teenager.

She said: ''I dressed like a professional businesswoman from [1988 movie] 'Working Girl' when I was in seventh grade.

''I wore shoulder pads and sneakers as if I were commuting to an office. I even did the Jane Fonda workout. I was a woman on the go with ankle weights, even though I probably only weighed 92 pounds.''

Despite her early ambition, Amy, now 42, worries that girls grow up too fast in today's society, and laments the fact their mistakes will be on record forever because of the internet and social networking.

She added to Ladies' Home Journal: ''When I was young I would go to a party, have a good time and take pictures of my friends and me. A week later I would go to the drug store and get the pictures that had been developed. Any pictures I didn't like I might rip up and throw away.

''These days everyone's moments are forever. You're a young girl and you make a shortsighted choice to send someone a naked picture of yourself and now that picture lives forever. We've all made stupid mistakes. The difference is that our mistakes were not for everyone to see.''