Scottish singer Amy Macdonald is eager to earn her racing car licence after becoming hooked on the exhilaration of high-speed track challenges.
The star owns a "modest" collection of sports cars, including a Ferrari, and is eyeing a professional qualification for her driving hobby.
She tells British morning show Bbc Breakfast, "I like all cars, it's just a little sad hobby of mine. I know all the stats and figures of all the new cars coming out. I just like cars. I'm like (motor show presenter) Jeremy Clarkson...
"I have a modest collection. I have a Ferrari 458, which shocks a lot of people, especially when I get out of it - I think they usually expect older men to get out of it! I've never driven it at the speed it can achieve thankfully, or I would be in lot of trouble.
"I'd like to get one (a racing licence), I don't think I have time just now, but it's something I'd quite like to do in the future. I've done a few track days, and I've always felt really exhilarated afterwards so it's something I'd quite like to try."