EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee is more than happy founding member Ben Moody left the band last year (03) - because there's much less "tension" now.

Moody, Lee's ex-boyfriend, dramatically left the group last year when they were touring - with mystery surrounding the exact reasons for his departure.

However, Lee says the mood in the group has only improved since the guitarist and songwriter left.

She says of their previous situation, "Tension is the right word," adding, "I think he's in Los Angeles right now. I hear he's building a studio so he can start working on another band or something."

Lee is also keen to point out she is loving life with her new boyfriend, rocker SHAUN MORGAN.

She says, "I'm very happy in my personal life right now. And I am happy now that I am in love, it's cheesy I know."

21/05/2004 09:20