Amy Lee from rock group Evanescence has slammed the music industry, alleging it gives more support to hip-hop artists than other musicians.

The FALLEN singer was disgusted when she attended the VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS (VMAs) in 2003 because her band was virtually ignored, despite being nominated for Best Rock Video for BRING ME TO LIFE.

Lee says, "There's been a lull in the rock industry and the labels are pouring all their money into rap and hip-hop.

"At the American VMAs we felt really disrespected and looked over and ignored. You invite us to an award show because you've nominated us and you don't even want to interview me because you're too busy with Beyonce and Usher?

"It's like, 'Why did I go to the trouble?' We were the 20 rows in the back."

19/12/2004 11:17