The American actress has two Golden Globes, five Oscar nominations and countless other achievements to her name thanks to movies like American Hustle and The Master. She’s finally found her place in Hollywood, but Amy, 42, had to be confident in going against the norm to do so.

“I used to yell at my manager because I would get brought in to play the model version of me, and the model version of me would always get the part,” she sighed to Vulture. “And my manager said to me, ‘You can either chase that or you can chase something else. What path you do want for yourself?’ And you realise that me going to an audition where I am standing next to Jaime Pressly in a bikini is not going to work.”

With the ultimatum set by her manager, Amy knew she had to figure out what she “wasn’t” straight early on and decided to follow the alternative path. Her determination paid off and the flame-haired star has had a busy work schedule since 2000, with five projects currently in the pipeline.

One role Amy is keen to play is that of Janis Joplin in a biopic about the singer’s life, but plans have fallen flat since they were announced in 2010. Titled Get It While You Can, the film has faced various legal issues, however Amy still remains hopeful that it will eventually get the green light.

“When people first brought the project to my attention, I said, ‘I can’t do this; people would judge me and tell me all the reasons that I am not like her.’ And then when I started reading about her, I realised that she was this beautiful human plagued by things which are so common. She had a need to find something,” the star said.

Janis died from a drug overdose in 1970 aged 27, after spawning hits like Mercedes Benz during her short career.