Amy Adams would encourage her daughter to become an actress.

The 'Enchanted' star has no qualms about her six-year-old daughter Aviana - who she has with her husband Darren Le Gallo - following in her footsteps into the film industry but would like her to try her hand at theatre first.

She said: ''I would support her. I would encourage her to kind of find a great community to get involved with. Maybe I'd steer her towards theatre and start there so she's got a good foundation of work ethic because it takes a lot of work.''

And the 42-year-old actress likes being a woman in Hollywood as she enjoys being able to ''effect change''.

Asked what the best thing about being a women in Hollywood is, she told E! News: ''I think it's your ability to effect change. I believe in doing it in subtle quiet ways, but I still believe in effecting change.''

Meanwhile, Amy previously revealed she believes the gender wage gap will improve if society changes its outlook on women.

She explained: ''The negotiation comes to a standstill and I have to make a choice, which a lot of women do.

''I can walk away. But I choose not to ... this is an issue not just about women's pay; we need to work on how women are viewed in society and then the pay will be reflected in that.

''Right now time is more important to me. So that's what I negotiate because any time I'm working, I'm not spending with my daughter.''