A new Tv interview with Oscar winner Amy Adams was reportedly scrapped at the last minute on Monday (22Dec14) when she made it clear to producers she didn't want to discuss the Sony hacking scandal.

The actress was billed to talk about her new film Big Eyes on America's Today show but when she learned she would be asked questions about the ongoing movie industry controversy, Adams refused to leave the green room and her appearance was scrapped.

She became part of the hack attack when leaked emails revealed she was paid less for American Hustle than her male co-stars, and Today show producers wanted to discuss the pay issue with her live.

She's not the first star upset by questions regarding the Sony hacking scandal, which culminated in the recent cancellation of the release of Seth Rogen's comedy The Interview - comedian Kevin Hart, who was called a "whore" in a leaked private correspondence between two executives, recently scrapped an interview with the New York Daily News shortly after the story broke.

A source at the newspaper says, "We were told the studio wanted to focus on the movie The Wedding Ringer, which he is promoting, rather than the offending emails."

Rogen and his The Interview co-star James Franco recently cancelled all their media appearances in the wake of the hack attack.