Amy Adams has spoken out about how she loved filming the new Muppets movie. After she had finished filming 'The Fighter' last year, Amy Adams had gone to dinner with the film's producer Todd Lieberman where he had told her that the lead Muppets role was hers if she wanted it.

Talking at a press conference at the Beverly Hilton hotel, Adams talked about how she enjoyed going back to singing and dancing after her previous film 'Enchanted' back in 2007. She said: "Yes, this is my return to singing and dancing. It was a lot of fun" However there was another reason why she decided to adopt the role: "It was my first family film after having a child and cool to work with the Muppets. They were a big part of my childhood. It was an opportunity to relive my childhood while I had a child and it's going to be a great way to introduce my child to the Muppets." In the movie, Adams sings a solo, shares a duet with Miss Piggy and joins the entire cast for the Hollywood Boulevard finale. About the finale, Adams stated: "We learned that dance in an hour the day we shot it".

Amy Adams will be next seen in the Jack Kerouac adaptation 'On The Road' alongside Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart, scheduled for release next year.