Amy Adams has apologised for accidentally calling her celebrity friends.

The 43-year-old actress is worried may be a bit of a nuisance to her Hollywood pals as she has unknowingly phoned them hundreds of times in the last couple of months.

Speaking on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', she revealed: ''Christina Applegate, she's at the top of my call list and I have fat cheeks and I keep accidentally calling her when I smile during other phone calls.

''And then I don't say anything and hang up and it's really rude. It's been like 300 times over the course of two months.

''I think I also face-timed Jen Aniston on accident too from my bed. I'm not sure if it connected so who knows what happened there.''

The 'American Hustle' star had been meaning to apologise for the mishaps but had felt too embarrassed to say anything

She added: ''I'm gonna say hi next time. I don't know why I lose my courage but i've wanted to apologise ... I am very very sorry, it's very rude so I apologise.''

Amy - who plays a dark character in the new psychological thriller, 'Sharp Objects' - also opened up about taking on such a challenging role.

She shared: ''[It was] a real challenge to go to a place like this and test myself as an actress and a human being, like could I come back.''

She previously revealed she would have rejected the chance to star in the HBO miniseries earlier in her career, because she feared people would've assumed she was ''crazy''.

However the 'Man of Steel' actress has since learnt to embrace the plot's ''darkness'' and not let it affect her personal life.

She added: ''There's just so much truth in the darkness and the sadness and I'm willing to explore it now in a different way.

''Before, I thought people wouldn't like me or they would think I was crazy. Now I know I can navigate my own personal darkness and it won't consume me.''