Mark Ronson And Diplo Had 'stupid' Studio Fights

  • 11 September 2018

Mark Ronson and Diplo clashed in the studio.

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker and the Major Lazer star joined forces on their new project Silk City earlier this year, with the fruits of their labour paying off with the Dua Lipa-featuring single 'Electricity' shooting to the top of charts worldwide.

However, it wasn't an easy transition for the pair to start working together like a band as they fought a lot at first.

Mark told the Daily Star newspaper: ''It's a good thing that we came into it as friends.

''At the beginning we had some stupid fights as I had never really been in a band situation before.''

Mark, 43, credits their ''trust'' and ''respect'' for one another in helping them move past the team work situation and in the end they were able to pull on their individual strengths.

The studio wizard explained: ''I think we had a level of mutual respect that helped to clear respect that helped to clear out the 'other person thing'.

''When we work I might not always think that this is the best synth sound but at the same time I respect what he's done.

''I wouldn't be going out on a limb to say his stuff is always more future leaning.

''We can sometimes be in a territory where I feel a little less comfortable and then I go: 'Well I trust him.'

''Then sometimes it's the other way round and I'm like: 'Nah this is supposed to be the sound of piano or the guitar.'''

Meanwhile, Mark also revealed that the name Silk City is a tribute to the first venue they met at in America.

He recalled: ''There's this iconic diner in Philadelphia called Silk City.

''Fifteen years after we first met there were working on our first bit of music.

''And then I went: 'What was the name of that diner? He said: 'Silk City.'

''I went: 'That's the best name ever.'''