Ed Sheeran Found New Documentary 'hard To Watch'

  • 29 August 2018

Ed Sheeran found his new documentary 'Songwriter' ''hard to watch''.

The 27-year-old singer released the documentary - which was created by his cousin Murray Cummings and details Ed's creative process during the making on his latest album 'Divide' - on Apple Music on Tuesday (28.08.18), and has said he found it difficult to sit through because he could see that he had put on weight and stopped ''giving a f**k'' about his appearance when he was in the studio.

Speaking to Billboard's Pop Shop podcast, Ed said: ''I went from very skinny and in shape on tour, to just not really giving a f**k.

''That's kind of weird to see, as an artist in the spotlight I like to give off the impression I don't really care what people think what I look like but it's nice to feel healthy and in shape. And you don't want pictures like that out there.

''So capturing those moments of like, in the studio, in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt and just looking really unhealthy with long hair, it's kind of hard to watch that and be like, feel good about it, but I don't know if I care that much because I'm alright now.''

Ed's cousin Murray has dedicated the past year to producing the documentary based on his famous relative, and the 'Perfect' hitmaker insists there was no-one else he would have wanted to helm the project.

He added: ''He spent a year making it and now it's coming out. I definitely wouldn't have let anyone else do it, definitely had to be somebody I was related too.''

Meanwhile, Murray revealed the 'Thinking Out Loud' singer's writing style has changed massively since he started out.

The filmmaker said recently: ''Ed's style of how he writes has changed. I was extremely lucky to be filming him at this time where he changed from being quiet and writing stuff down with a pen of paper to actually singing stuff out loud as he writes it. You get to hear his thought process out loud which didn't happen that often before this album. From a film standpoint it's just really interesting to be able to hear what he's thinking.

''Sometimes Ed would kind of forget what he had sung and then he would look at me and go 'You filmed that, right?'''