Ed Sheeran Gave Full Creative Control To Songwriter Director

  • 24 August 2018

Ed Sheeran gave full creative control to his 'Songwriter' director.

Ed's cousin Murray Cummings has dedicated the past 10 years to producing a documentary based on his famous relative and he revealed that Ed only suggested three small changes once the film was made.

He told Rolling Stone: ''One of them was to change a shot of the back of his head because he didn't think it was engaging; another one was a swear word that he wanted to cut, and then the last one was to change the end montage to have less studio footage and more fun stuff fans haven't seen.''

And Murray believes the movie will appeal to both 27-year-old Ed's fans and people who are just interested in the process of writing music.

He explained: ''I see the genre that Ed is in as 'singer-songwriter'. So I just crossed out 'singer', called it 'Songwriter,' and focused on that.

''I really just want it to cause people to pick up the guitar or whatever they're into. I wanted it to work on a couple of layers, whereby fans will love it because they get to see what he's like away from the stage. Songwriters who are interested in music and how it comes to be can be appreciate it on that level. And then also people who either don't know Ed or don't think he's their cup of tea can get interested and get a bit of respect for how hard he works and how he gets songs written.''

Murray captured Ed while he was writing his latest album 'Divide' and he said the star's writing style has changed massively since he started out.

He explained: ''Ed's style of how he writes has changed. I was extremely lucky to be filming him at this time where he changed from being quiet and writing stuff down with a pen of paper to actually singing stuff out loud as he writes it. You get to hear his thought process out loud which didn't happen that often before this album. From a film standpoint it's just really interesting to be able to hear what he's thinking.

''Sometimes Ed would kind of forget what he had sung and then he would look at me and go 'You filmed that, right?''