Kim Kardashian West Slams Kourtney Kardashian

  • 22 August 2018

Kim Kardashian West slammed her sister Kourtney Kardashian as ''the new Rob'' - in reference to their reclusive brother Rob Kardashian.

The 37-year-old reality star took aim at her older sibling in a promotional clip for their reality show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians', after Kim was told by their half-sister Kendall Jenner that Kourtney would be going out of town for Christmas with her brood - Mason, eight, Penelope, six, and Reign, three - instead of staying with their famous family.

Kim - who was speaking in scenes filmed before Christmas last year - said: ''That is just the wildest thing. Do you think it's like, a cry for help? A cry for attention? Is she the new Rob? She drives me so crazy. I just don't even know what to do.''

And whilst Kim was angry about the news, her younger sister Khloe was compassionate about the situation, but added it was ''ridiculous'' of her to skip the family tradition.

She said: ''That's not okay. It makes me sad if she's not coming, because I'm just going to miss the kids and the tradition of it all.

''I just think given everything that's gone on, the last thing we need is separation like this. For Kourtney to say she doesn't think she's going to spend Christmas with us, it's just so excessive, it's ridiculous at this point. The divide is going to get worse and worse the more time that we just ignore what's really going on.''

Although the drama is playing out on screen, the sisters have since patched up their bond, with a source saying fallouts like this happen ''all the time''.

The insider shared: ''This is nothing new. Kim has been on the outs with Kourtney and Khloé before, but right now, Khloé and Kim are on the same wavelength. They both have new babies and they have a lot in common and a lot to share.''